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New policy to take effect when school starts
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Many changes are in store for Boyd Christian School next year, including one that might haunt any student – school uniforms.
Up to this day, Boyd students have never had to wear uniforms. However, headmaster Bill Marquette, entering his second year at the school, likes the concept.
“It causes the lower class students to have a higher self-worth and the higher tier of students to be more level with the lower class,” said Marquette. “Secondly it’s definitely, unequivocally true that uniforms save money, and who doesn’t want to save money? Thirdly, it increases school security, which is something we continually have to improve in this day and time. And, most importantly, they look cool,” he chuckled.
Polo shirts with the Boyd school logo will be required Monday thru Thursday. These come in orange, white, and blue (the school’s colors.) Cobalt blue without the logo will be acceptable, but only for this year.
Friday is casual day where students will be able to express themselves. There will be a few optional items, including a button-down shirt instead of a polo.
Jeans will be allowed this year as the school uniforms are phased in. The following year it will be a full uniform with slacks in addition to the shirts.
The decision is official, but what about student reaction?
“I like wearing my own clothes,” said Boyd junior Ashley Newby. “I want to be me, not pretend to be someone I’m not.”
Added Boyd sophomore Parker Warren, “To be honest I really don’t care if we have them or not. If we didn’t that would be better in my opinion, but if we do that’s fine too.”
Boyd senior J.T. Morgan, who is the school’s newspaper editor, gives his insight on the matter. “I guess my statement would be it brings school unity up by making each other feel more familiarized with each other on a physical level.”
Tabetha Sullens, a teacher and director of Boyd’s recent plays, says, “Whether you are for or against them, when students are on a level playing field the emphasis in the classroom is placed on academics rather than fashion. When we watch a sporting event, the teams are visibly unified by their attire. The Boyd Christian student body will be visibly unified this fall. My hope is the students will develop and illustrate their uniqueness and talents in other ways.”