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Adoption of Sunnyside Heights by city tabled again
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Adopting Sunnyside Heights is still under consideration by McMinnville officials, but the discussion has been tabled again.
“This is an update of Sunnyside Heights,” said Alderman Ryle Chastain, chair of the city’s Street and Sanitation Committee. “This is an issue we had discussed a little while back and decided to table it until a later date. Is there new information on this?”
Sunnyside Heights, which connects Smithville Highway and Mullican Street, was constructed by private developers on private property many years ago and is currently owned by property owners. The road’s condition has been allowed to deteriorate. Committee members met in October to consider the city adopting the street in order to make improvements.
At that time, city attorney Tim Pirtle informed members all property owners along the street have agreed to give up part of their property for a right of way if the city agrees to take over the street “as is” and make much-needed improvements.
“We have commitments from all the landowners on the street to donate a portion of their property,” said Pirtle.
This month, Pirtle asked members to table the discussion once again. While he has information on the street dating back to 1998 provided to him by city Planning and Zoning director Nolan Ming, he still needs information for the 10 years prior to that.
“I have some new information, but I don’t have complete information,” said Pirtle. “It might be a good idea to table the discussion until I have complete information. Nolan was able to do some research for me and he ferreted out a file on this issue that goes back to 1998. There should be records from public discussion and action taken by the board 10 years earlier than that in 1989 when Shoney’s Inn was built.”
City administrator Bill Brock stated, “Here’s the file on that.”
Pirtle says as soon as he has a chance to review the city’s file he will have a complete report for the committee.