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Livin' la Vida Lacy - My Christmas decor is up
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Y’all, I made it rain at Hobby Lobby last week and brought home all of Christmas (kind of kidding), including Ross’ outdoor Christmas lights. I thought I’d share how decorating our new home for Christmas for the first time is coming along.

So, on Saturday, Ross began to string up the cool white LED lights along the gutter line. He thought it would only take him an hour, bless him. Live and learn, babe. Truthfully, I knew better, which is why I delegated that project. For my windows, I laid garland with red ribbon on the window sills to match my outdoor wreath.  

Beside the front door, I placed my antique wooden sled with, you guessed it, more garland and red ribbon. Did some of our neighbors do slow drive-bys, yes. Was there judgment in their eyes, possibly, but let me tell you, after yesterday’s flurries, I’ve never been happier knowing I won’t be decorating outdoors with frostbitten fingertips. 

As for interior, I’m not quite finished yet, but here’s what I’ve accomplished so far. Let’s start with the living room. First, I boxed some of my usual, yearly décor to make room for the holiday stuff. Then, came the family fun. 

Grandma and I draped the mantle with crystal-beaded garland along with long, white wire mini lights. To jazz it up a bit more, we inserted red crystal berry and other crystallized branches to fill the garland out a bit more. For height, we added four small wooden trees on either side of the mantle. 

In the dining room, I switched the runner and changed out my centerpiece, which came from Mountain Home Gifts up Beersheba Springs. The black lantern with a flickering flame candle sits perfectly between a small holly ring. Above the French doors, we draped thicker garland with crystals, berries and pine cones. 

On top of my white quartz lazy susan, I’ve readied a spot for the ceramic tree I’ll be making tomorrow at River Craft Ceramics in Mt. Leo. The silver snowflake place mat will give the look of a tree skirt and I’ve got some greenery to conceal the cord. I can’t wait to paint it!

As for my Christmas tree, my goal is to get it up tomorrow. Our tree is always snow-themed with crystal branches along with silver and glass ornaments. It gives it that elegant, icy look that gives me all the Christmas feels. I even splurged this year and got a faux fur tree skirt. 

For all you Scrooges, yes, I know it’s early. Yes, I know that I’ll be sweeping up crystals and beads for months to come, but I am here for it. If you took a step inside our home right this minute, you’d inhale the scent of sweater weather or marshmallow fireside (Both candles can be found at Bath and Body Works).

To make it all even better, Ross ordered us some gas logs so in three weeks, our fireplace won’t be empty for the holidays. Now, if I can just talk him into springing for the remote too, that’ll be fabulous.  

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