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The Scoop - At least we can build a Lego wall

By this time next week, Black Friday will be upon us. How much confidence do you have in your dropkick?

In what seems like barely any notice at all, the holiday shopping season has pounced. It's time to hit the stores in search of perfect gifts that will bring uncontrollable delight on Christmas day.

My kids are no longer of the toy-playing age, but I still like to stay up to date on what's trending. I remember when Cabbage Patch Kids were the must-have item and sold out across the nation. Some folks saw this as a way to earn a little Christmas cash and sold their Cabbage Patch Kid way above retail price to parents who did not want to disappoint on the big day.

Falling under the item of questionable gifts is a toy just unveiled this week that shows it's never too early to push politics down the throat of your 5-year-old. It's a Lego-style toy set that allows children to build President Trump's border wall.

The border wall is being offered through a company called Keep and Bear ( and a description on the website claims, "This toy makes a great Christmas gift for your kids and grandkids!"

The building set has the words "Build the Wall" displayed prominently on the front and includes a Trump figurine. The box cover features a Hispanic-looking character wearing a sombrero on the other side of the wall. It sells for $29.95.

The web page also contains an explanation for why the product was brought to market.

"A mob of 10,000 Central American migrants is marching through Mexico and heading toward El Paso, Texas. We understand why they want to flee Honduras and live and work in America. After all, we are the greatest nation on earth. In the interest of national security, however, we cannot allow just anyone and everyone to cross our borders."

I'm sure this border wall will be wildly popular among children who just can't wait to immerse themselves in the immigration debate.

If you're looking for toys to avoid from a safety perspective, the watch group World Against Toys Causing Harm just released this week its list of toys which could be dangerous.

Topping the list is the Nella Sleeptime Lites Pillow, which is said to present a choking hazard and has a battery acid leakage issue. On the bright side, if you can just avoid that pesky battery acid, this pillow is perfect for snuggle time.

Also high on the list when it comes to danger is the Black Panther Slash Claw. Based on the superhero, kids will no doubt want to wear the claw and pretend to slash.

Unfortunately, the claw may be just a bit too rigid and may leave actual slash marks so children are advised not to "swing at people."

A panther claw you can't swing at people? Why not give the kid a bike he can't ride?

I hope all this serves to kindle your Christmas spirit. America might not build an actual wall, but that doesn't mean your child can't build one in your living room.

Standard editor James Clark can be reached at 473-2191.