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Vogel given longest local meth sentence
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The third strike will cost a local man 40 years behind bars in what is the longest sentence ever handed down on meth charges in McMinnville.The defendant, Lance Anthony Vogel, 44, was issued the 40-year sentence this week by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley after he entered guilty pleas on three separate meth charges along with violating the habitual traffic offender status. He was sentenced as a Range-Two offender meaning he will have to serve 35 percent of his sentence before his first chance of parole, that being 14 years. His sentence is the longest ever given to a meth offender in Warren County on a state charge, although there have been repeat cocaine offenders who have received up to 57 years in prison.It was Vogel’s persistence in manufacturing meth which led prosecutors to demand the lengthy sentence during their plea agreement discussions.