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Smith indicted for hunting knife threat
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An indictment has been issued against a suspect who showed up at a couple’s front door wielding a knife, claiming the man was a snitch.
The man, James Anthony “Amp” Smith, 47, has been indicted on the charge of aggravated assault and could face three to six years in prison if convicted.
He is charged for an incident that happened at an apartment on Yager Road earlier this year. Police say Smith came to the front door and knocked.
“The resident and his wife came outside and were confronted by Amp about him possibly being an informant for the police,” said McMinnville Police Sgt. Paul Springer, noting the accusation escalated with the suspect making death threats. “Amp then pulled a hunting-style knife on the man and threatened to kill him.”
Springer said the suspect was in close proximity to the victims when he made the threat, leaving them in fear for their lives.
After the initial threat, a scuffle ensued between the men. Although not cut, the male victim was knocked to the ground during the fight and suffered injuries to his shin and knee.