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Hyatt seeks 10th District commission seat
Harold Hyatt.jpg
Harold Hyatt

Hello, I am Harold Hyatt. I am asking for your vote and support for the position of County Commissioner for the 10th District (Centertown area) in the August election. 

My wife, Allie Marie, and I have lived in area for several years and our daughters went to Centertown School. I proudly severed in the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. It would be an honor to serve as your county commissioner again. 

I worked at Carrier and then taught Mechatronics at TCAT McMinnville and Murfreesboro. I attend Centertown United Methodist Church. I am the Republican candidate for better government. I am Pro God Bless America, pro-life, pro Constitution and Amendments, and pro equal rights for all citizens. 

I will not vote for a raise in land taxes. We had a 23% increase in 2019. 

I will not vote for increase in our wheel sticker amount. 

I would like to see a better insurance package for the employees of Warren County. I had perfect attendance before and would strive to have it again. Our schools and employees are extremely special heroes, but there is a need to be more secure, safer and improve in their academic achievement. 

Several people has asked about having our county offices opened a half day on Saturday with at least a partial crew. I would be for this. 

We need to investigate the need for a Judicial Center. I will be at the regular monthly meetings 30 minutes early in order to talk to any citizens. I think our County Codes should be updated to meet the needs of our county. I think there needs to be a more flexible way for county residents to speak to the entire court at monthly meetings. 

I would gladly meet with any 10th District resident and the county executive after an appointment has been made.