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Holly Pointe structures declared unfit
Balcony part II.jpg
Residents of Holly Pointe Apartments gather at the scene of a balcony collapse Tuesday that hospitalized a husband and wife.

The vast majority of balconies and stairs at Holly Pointe Apartments have been declared unfit after a codes inspection.

The inspection came Wednesday, one day after a balcony collapse at H Building sent a married couple to the hospital. Their balcony ripped away from the side of their apartment, sending them crashing to the ground.

“I’d say 80 percent of the decks, stairways and landings need some type of work to be compliant with codes,” said McMinnville city administrator Nolan Ming. “The No. 1 priority right now is the stairs and landings. No one is to be out on balconies. The structures are inadequate to say the least.”

A visual inspection on the scene showed the balcony that gave way was connected to the building by only nails.

“It’s absolutely unsafe to connect to particle board with nails,” said Ming. “The owners are well aware of the urgency and want to make it safe. They are getting their permits in order and plan to start work immediately.”

The accident took place Tuesday around 5 p.m. when Sean and Crystal Black were on their balcony with their dog. There was reportedly a loud crack before the balcony came tumbling to the ground.

Both the Blacks were taken to Saint Thomas River Park Hospital.

“It’s just lucky no one was underneath it when it fell because that would have killed someone,” said McMinnville police officer Matt Stubblefield.

According to county tax records Jeremy Shavers and Douglas Brent Moss of Jasper, Tenn., own Holly Pointe Apartments. They have owned it since Dec. 20, 2017.

When contacted Thursday, Mr. Shavers declined to comment.

Ming said the accident shows the importance of building codes, which are in place for safety.

“This is the perfect example of what can happen,” said Ming.

Tax records show there are 19 buildings on the property. Of those, all were built in 1997 or 1998 except for two, which were built in 2010.