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Davenport charged with setting fire
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A Morrison woman has been charged with reckless endangerment for setting a fire that left a fireman with a broken arm while battling the intentional blaze.The woman, Samantha Davenport, 36, admits to setting the fire and says she did it to dispose of the trailer which had been declared a meth house.She is charged for the fire earlier this year that left Morrison firefighter Donald B. Prater with injuries.“He sustained a broken arm,” revealed sheriff’s investigator Aaron Roberts, noting the fireman was among those from the Morrison and Viola fire departments who responded to the double-wide trailer blaze at 111 South Mill Street.The fireman reportedly fell through a burned part of the structure as they fought the fire in the darkness, causing the injury. Lawmen immediately suspected something was amiss about the fire.“The trailer did not have electricity and was quarantined as a meth lab,” Roberts noted. “The cause of the fire was believed to be intentionally set.”During questioning, Davenport reportedly confessed.“She stated she could not afford to have the property disposed of properly since it had been quarantined due to a meth lab and thought burning it would be the easiest way to dispose of the residence,” Roberts said, noting Davenport did not have insurance and did not make any financial gain by burning the trailer.