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City selling old tank
tank up for grabs color
An old, large propane tank on property recently acquired by McMinnville Water Department is being sold. The tank is 30,000 gallons and located at 202 Bell Street, situated between the building and the railroad tracks.

If you are in the market for a huge propane tank, McMinnville Water Department might have what you need.

The city Water and Sewer Committee has given director Anthony Pelham permission to liquidate one located on 202 Bell Street, after he requested authorization.

“I am seeking permission to dispose of what you may consider to be an asset. For me, it’s a potential liability. If you are familiar with our future maintenance site on Bell Street, there is a large, 30,000-gallon steel (propane) gas tank that’s between the building and the railroad tracks.”

Local propane vendors were contacted about it with no takers, says Pelham, who was then contacted about purchasing the tank.

“I thought I was going to be moving it and have a potential risk but out of the blue, a man by the name of Owen Maclellan, who is involved with a clean energy group, spotted it on USGS and called me and asked if I would consider selling it,” said Pelham.

The group is called Trinity Industries, Inc. Offered was $12,750, if the department took down the security fence around it and any trees or tree limbs that might interfere with the tank’s removal. 

In order to liquidate an asset, municipalities must offer the item to the public either by accepting sealed bids or at auction.

 Committee members approved Pelham auctioning the tank with a minimum bid set of $12,750.