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Irving College studied for expansion
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Site studies are under way at Irving College School in hopes the land around the existing campus can sustain an expansion.
“If we’re looking at a large number of students being added, we may have to go to an off-site alternative,” said Dave Allmon of Allmon Engineering which is conducting the site study.
Allmon said the concern about expansion at the present campus is useable soil. The issue would be water and drainage from the site if there is a significant increase in students brought by an expansion. The Irving College community has staunchly insisted the school stay in its present location and not be moved an inch closer to town as some have suggested. The field study may determine whether that is possible.
Allmon said the best locations for expansion of the school are near the riding area beside the school and near the fire hall. There could be a need, he said, for the school to acquire property that borders the present campus to accommodate expansion.
As for students, School Board member Scott Holmes said there is no need to add many students to the existing campus.
“There’s not much growth there unless we force it,” Holmes said. “If there’s growth in the city (toward that direction) then maybe we ought to look at putting another school in the city.”
School Board members are hoping for an update on the feasibility of using the present campus for an expansion, which would include, among other things, a new gymnasium in the future.