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Committee mulls awning issue
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Does an awning need to look good as long as it does its job? That was the question recently on the minds of members of the county’s Building and Grounds Committee.
The members met to discuss the future of a canopy at the Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency (UCHRA) located at the rear of the Administrative Building.
Greg Bowdoin, county maintenance supervisor, told committee members he had received a quote for a new canvas-covered canopy to cover the doorway at UCHRA from Nashville Tent and Awning for somewhere between $2,000 and $2,100.
Bowdoin said wind had almost completely destroyed the awning presently on site.
“They come, take it down, take it to Nashville and put a new material awning on,” said Bowdoin.
Commissioner Dwight O’Neal asked, “Would the committee consider purchasing an aluminum awning? I wonder if aluminum would have more longevity. The purpose is to keep the rain off the persons going in and out. Its purpose is not for aesthetics.”
The committee discussed the possibility of an aluminum awning being made locally.
“I would like to see the difference in pricing,” said O’Neal.
Commissioner Clinton “Pee Wee” Hill said, “I think we should get bids and try to give local people the business.”
Commissioner Michael Martin agreed aluminum would probably last longer than a cloth canopy. The committee voted to put the project out to bids to aluminum manufacturers. The motion passed 4-0.
Bids will also be taken on a new 2.5-ton central heat and air unit at Warren County Courthouse.
Committee members said the 20-year-old unit that’s cooling and heating Circuit Court Clerk Bernie Morris’ office has probably seen its last days.
Commissioner Carl Bouldin said the unit had a new compressor added to it in 2004.
“A compressor is going to run about $2,000. A new unit is probably around $5,000. That unit has already done what it’s supposed to do. I can’t see putting another $2,000 or $2,500 into a 20-year unit.”
Committee members voted to accept bids for a new heating and air unit to replace the 20-year-old one.
Members of the county Building and Grounds Committee present for the meeting were Carl Bouldin, Clinton “Pee Wee” Hill, Michael Martin and Dwight O’Neal. Commissioner Bessie Smithson was absent.