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Just a Thought - Two dogs too much for 1 walk
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Having dogs is like having additional children. While some might disagree with that statement, I think it’s is true. We have two at my house – dogs, not children – and they are plotting against me. 

Baby is approximately 9 years old, while Princess is 2. Both are rescue dogs from Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center. I saved Baby, while my daughter brought home Princess. I was told Baby would likely not be adopted because she looked mean. Merissa’s excuse is unknown. We are both pet parents. 

Baby is an American bulldog and weighs 80 pounds. Princess is a Great Pyrenes – also known as a great pain in the rear. She’s hyper and it drives me crazy. Like no one else…. (Welcome to the song lyric portion of my column). She probably weighs more than Baby. 

I take both for a walk in the morning. I used to take them for walks separately, but Merissa said Princess whines (like a child) when I take Baby first. She’s the eldest, she should go first. To rectify my daughter’s problem and pacify Princess’ childish behavior, I’ve started taking both at the same time. 

Walking two large dogs on eight-foot retractable leashes, what could go wrong? 

Last Saturday, we were walking our usual route down a dead-end street by the house. Both felt the call of nature. Baby darted to the left side of the street, while Princess darted to the right. There I was in the middle of the street arms outstretched. 

Traffic is always minimal or on many occasions, nonexistent. As luck would have it, here comes an SUV. My first hope was that one would finish and we could retreat to the other side of the street. As the car came closer, I knew that wasn’t going to happen. I considered dropping a leash and saving myself, but which one? I couldn’t choose between the two. 

So, I bravely stood in the middle of the street, arms outstretched holding both leashes, and prayed for an understanding neighbor.

He stopped, “Looks like you’ve got your hands full.” 

I readily agreed with that statement. 

Merissa had previously mentioned rescuing a third dog, a smaller breed. I told her that two humans and two dogs is a good ratio. Adopt one more and control in the house sways in favor of the dogs. Not a good idea to be outnumbered. 

Parents should listen to their own advice. I allowed myself to be outnumbered and the power swayed in the dogs’ favor. Their call of nature could have gotten me killed. 

On a very sad note, our beloved cat died last week. Stanley was also a rescue. While we chose the dogs, Stanley selected us. His passing was devastating emotionally. He, as well as the antics he created, will be greatly missed.

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