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Just a Thought - The beast of Rock Island
Lisa Hobbs, new mugshot.jpg

The monster lurks at night. Said to be human-like in appearance, it walks upright and shows signs of intelligence – although its level of intellect is an area of much dispute. 

It has eyes, but the creature prefers darkness over light. It lacks a conscience – preoccupied with its own agenda, always to the exclusion of the needs and concerns of others. It is uncaring, with a limited, ability to feel empathy. It is a sadistic monster. 

Waiting patiently for darkness to fall. Meticulously planning. Picking carefully its newest target. Stalking patiently its victim. It craves the shadows. The shadows are its ally. Eyewitnesses report missing the monster by mere minutes. Close calls. Then, it is gone. Successful in its efforts to move undetected and cause devastation. 

The beast has stalked this Rock Island resident for decades. However, generations of rural residents have feared it. Its beginnings are unknown. The torment, although sporadic, is never ending and increasing in frequency. We live in relative isolation compared to our urban neighbors. We prefer trees and stars over close neighbors and streetlights. We are a perfect target. 

My last encounter with the monster was Tuesday. The evening started out like most others. As the sun bid farewell and darkness overtook, the quiet existence would soon be shattered by the realization that we were not alone. The creature silently stalked the dusk on this night.

My daughter had a close call. I went to investigate. It was gone. Once again, successful in its efforts to move undetected.

The thing was gone, but from the darkness came six sets of eyes bounding towards the house. Once again, the sadistic monster left its calling card. My blood ran cold and I saw red. This time a monster had dumped five puppies and one mother dog to fend for themselves. Hoping, I assume, that a Good Samaritan at the house up the street will take them in and do what they should have done.

Introductions complete, we watched as the female dog walked towards the roadway every time she heard a vehicle approaching. She was pitifully looking for her owner, the individual who had stopped, kicked them out and drove away. It was upsetting to watch. Animal dumping is cruel.

Responsible owners have their pets spayed or neutered. Irresponsible owners do not; they allow them to become pregnant, despite communities already being overrun. Some irresponsible pet owners will then become sadistic monsters and dump. It’s a litter, not liter. 

I’ve been targeted numerous times. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars and countless hours nursing puppies back to health and finding homes for them. I dream of the day when I catch the beast. Fury will be unleashed. 

Stop being irresponsible pet owners! Do not turn into a sadistic monster! 

Lisa Hobbs can be contacted at (931) 473-2191