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Woman pickets to get $3,500
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Local resident Rhonda Cutler is determined to right a wrong from 2006. She wants the office of Circuit Court Clerk Bernie Morris to return $3,500 she posted as a cash bond.
“How would you feel if you handed over your paycheck and never got it back,” said Cutler.
Cutler says she put up the cash bond for a friend she felt was wrongly accused, but only after she was assured the money would be returned to her once the person showed up in court.
“When I put up the money, I was told only the person with the receipt and a photo ID could pick the money up after court. I put up $3,500 and was given a receipt,” said Cutler.
After court, she says she called Morris’ office and was given a time to pick up the money.
“I was told I could come up at 1 p.m. and pick up my money,” said Cutler. “When I got to the courthouse, they told me they had given my money to someone else. Someone in Morris’ office gave it to the person I put the cash bond up for. He didn’t have a receipt, but they gave it to him anyway.”
Approximately seven years later, Cutler is picketing on the sidewalk in front of the courthouse with a sign asking for the return of her money.
When questioned why she waited so long, Cutler said, “I have a chemical imbalance. I’m not a danger to anyone, but it causes me to be depressed and have a difficult time retaining information. I’m feeling better now and I want my money.”
Given the time lapse, civil litigation against the “friend” might not be an option. No good deed goes unpunished. Cutler says the individual picked up the money and left town.
“My friend left town right after court with my money. I still think whomever in Bernie Morris’ office who gave my money away should be held responsible.”
Cutler plans to picket as much as possible until her money is returned.