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Woman hospitalized by foul ball
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A woman was hospitalized Monday night after she was struck in the head by a foul ball at the Civic Center complex.
Just minutes after the woman was hit, a Junior League player was hit in the head by another foul ball. The boy was knocked to the ground and was immediately swarmed by people rushing to help. He appeared OK about 15 minutes after being struck.
The foul balls both came from a game being played on the Babe Ruth field. The spectator and player were involved with a game on the adjacent Junior League field. The foul balls came from behind home plate of the Babe Ruth field.
Ambulance service personnel and police officers responded to the scene. As the two were receiving medical attention, many bystanders commented about the net in place to catch foul balls from the Babe Ruth field. It was noted by several onlookers the current net is not large enough to adequately do the job.
Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord visited the Babe Ruth field to inspect the net Tuesday morning and said changes are in store.
“We’re going to order a new net and make it longer and higher,” said McCord. “It’s something we’ll do after the season is over. Even if we ordered it now, it wouldn’t get here before the end of the season.”
The woman was hit in the head as she was watching a Junior League game. She lay on a bleacher for several minutes while receiving medical attention and was transported from the field via ambulance.
The player hit was Sergio de Santiago. He was standing near first base preparing to leave the field after his game was over when he was struck on top of the head.
McCord noted getting hit with a foul ball is an inherent danger when attending a baseball game.