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Woman held hostage, police say
Clay A. Bain

A mysterious text to a deputy’s phone led police to a local motel where a woman was allegedly being held hostage by her boyfriend.
The alleged hostage taker, Clay A. Bain, 24, is charged with false imprisonment and making a false report to an officer.
Police went to Scottish Inns on Sparta Street after they were contacted by Warren County sheriff’s deputy Jon Odom. The deputy explained he had received a text from a woman, claiming she was in fear for her life and was being held against her will by her boyfriend.
“She said that she was in the bathroom and in fear of Mr. Bain,” said McMinnville policeman Steven Daniels of the secret text she had sent the deputy from the bathroom of the motel room.
When police arrived at the motel, they were met at the door by Bain. He was asked if the woman in question was in the room. Bain claimed she wasn’t there and denied them their request to search the room.
“We waited and Mr. Bain left,” Daniels said of surveillance they set up on the room, noting they did not believe Bain’s story. “We returned and knocked and she came to the door.”
The officers spoke with the victim and realized she was scared of Bain.
“She had a look of fear in her face and voice,” Daniels said, adding Bain was already facing a domestic assault charge involving the victim for an incident in November.
Bain was charged with false imprisonment for holding the woman against her will and for a false report for lying to police about her being in the motel room.