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Woman can't stop deadly pitbull attack
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A local woman is encouraging the city to adopt a ban on pitbulls after her eight-pound lapdog was ripped apart and killed in front of her eyes last week.Gina Nixon had lived in a duplex on Vinewood Road off Oriole Drive until the incident on Monday afternoon, May 20.“The pitbull had chased me before and I had to run from it,” said Nixon, who has since moved from the duplex. “It had gotten to the point where I would look around the corner to see if it was outside before I went into the yard. We’re talking about a huge dog, probably well over 100 pounds, and the owners wouldn’t do a thing about it.”Despite complaints to the owners about the pitbull, Nixon said there was nothing she could do when it saw her small dog outside May 20.“I didn’t know this, but when those dogs clamp down, they don’t let go,” said Nixon, who was bitten in the attack.