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Woman avoids jail for hostage claim
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A woman who cried wolf claiming she was being held hostage at gunpoint has avoided jail time for her tall tale.
The woman, Crystal D. Self, 30, was granted an 11-month, 29-day judicial diversion on the charge of subornation of perjury. She was also directed to pay $300.
Her sentence comes after police were dispatched to Asbury Apartments to investigate a report of a woman who was being held hostage inside an apartment. Once on the scene, officer Ben Cantrell said he saw text messages sent to a man there claiming she was being held against her will.
“I observed text messages received from Crystal Self stating she was being held hostage by a large male and he was threatening her with a gun,” officer Cantrell recalled of the text messages. “She also texted that she would jump out of a rear window but she couldn’t.”
Trusting her pleas for help were real, police cleared some adjoining apartments believing they might have to make a surprise entry to rescue the hostage. However, when police were unable to make further contact with Self they began looking deeper into her story and eventually made their way over to Arms Apartments where she was found unharmed.
“She stated she had never been in the apartment at Asbury and was never held hostage,” Cantrell said, noting she had been at Arms Apartments just a half-mile away the whole time.
Making the incident a crime was her admission that she knew the man she had texted with the fake hostage story had called police, yet she did nothing to correct things while police were on the scene of the fake hostage situation for three hours.