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Wilkerson caught trying to smuggle crack into jail
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A man has been indicted on drug charges after he allegedly tried to smuggle crack cocaine into the Warren County Jail.
The inmate, Jimmy Tyrone Wilkerson, 39, has been indicted on charges of possession of drug paraphernalia in a penal institution and manufacture, delivery or sale of drugs.
Wilkerson was identified as a wanted man when police saw him during a traffic stop. He had outstanding drug trafficking warrants against him.
A search of his vehicle netted two sets of digital scales with white residue.
“I asked him if he had any illegal items on his person and he replied that he did not,” said Sgt. Ben Cantrell in his warrant against Wilkerson.
Police found Wilkerson was not being totally forthcoming during a search of his person prior to his booking into Warren County Jail.
“He was found to be in possession of a white, rock-like substance in a plastic bag in his left shoe believed to be crack cocaine,” Cantrell revealed, noting 3.1 grams of cocaine was retrieved from his shoe.
Cantrell noted he even asked Wilkerson specifically about having drugs concealed in his shoes.