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WCHS class of 2022 walks the stage
WCHS graduation
Jacquelyn Frankman receives her diploma from Dr. Grant Swallows, Warren County Director of Schools, during a memorable graduation ceremony Friday night at Nunley Stadium.

WCHS Graduation 2022

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Warren County High School’s class of 2022 assembled one last time Friday night.

Approximately 330 students made their way across stage. Each step, which bid farewell to their childhood and ushered in the next phase of their lives, was met with cheers of encouragement from friends and family.

“Warren County High School class of 2022, you made it,” said WCHS principal Clark George. “Let’s give this class a round of applause. I am so proud of you all for your accomplishments during your time at Warren County High School. This is only the beginning. As you move forward to your new great adventure in life, always do you best in every endeavor, follow your heart, never stop learning and above all, believe in yourself.”

The class had two valedictorians. Rose Simpson and Daniel Larsen shared the honor.

“Class of 2022, whatever your skills are, from mechanics and carpenters to future doctors and engineers, I hope you make the best of life and strive to be kind and caring,” said Simpson. “Follow your dreams and be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Simpson also recognized the support of friends, family and WCHS faculty members who helped her.

Larsen urged the class of 2022 to face life’s challenges with excitement.

“I know that after tonight, some may know exactly what they are doing, while others not so much,” said Larsen. “I will tell you guys, it is OK. Even the most organized and detail-oriented people cannot predict the irregularities of life. There will be challenges. Plenty of them. But you need to face these with excitement. Embrace change and experience life one moment at a time. When faced with these challenges, I urge you all to maybe test the waters at first, but then dive head first to find a solution, even in the deepest oceans. You may struggle at first, but you will learn how to swim and then flourish in the water, which is a lifelong lesson.”

He also thanked family and friends.

Warren County Director of Schools Dr. Grant Swallows bid the group farewell.

“I think back to the day after my high school graduation and the weird feeling that I had when it was over,” Swallows said. “For so long, being a student was just who I was. Like you, life revolved around hoping that I would not be late for the morning bell. Hoping I had all my homework. Hanging out with friends. Counting the minutes until the afternoon so I could do whatever was going on that day. Then all of those things were just gone. Just like tonight, this will be the last time the class of 2022 will ever be together in a setting such as this. Tomorrow all will be different. For some of you, you’ve dreaded this moment. For some of you, you’ve looked forward to this moment for 13 years. Either way it goes, tomorrow begins a new chapter for each one of you. You decide the next step.”

The commencement ceremony was held Friday night at Warren County Middle School’s Nunley Stadium.