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Warren County EMS director resigns
Brian Jennings
Brian Jennings

Warren County Emergency Medical Services director Brian Jennings has resigned effective Jan. 3, 2016. He was named to the position in January 2007.
“I will be resigning my position as director of Warren County EMS to pursue other avenues in emergency medicine,” said Jennings in his resignation letter. “I have always been proud of the EMS service we have here in Warren County and have always been proud to serve the public here in my hometown.”
Jennings is stepping down, adding that he will be returning to the position he held before he was named director.
“I will continue to serve my community as a paramedic with Warren County EMS beyond my resignation as director,” said Jennings. “I want to thank you and the good people who serve on the Warren County Commission for the opportunity to lead what I consider to be one of the best services around.”
Announcement of the resignation letter was made during the county Safety Committee meeting on Monday night with members Teddy Boyd, chair, Carl D. Bouldin, Randy England, Ron Lee and Charles Morgan attending. Jennings was not in attendance.
“Him stepping down means we have to look over it,” said Boyd. “Brian has done a good job. I can’t say anything bad about him. I hate to see him step down. He’s a good paramedic, also.”
Committee members unanimously accept the resignation and sent it to the full Warren County Commission for its consideration later that night. Commission members unanimously accepted the resignation with a vote of 21-0. Absent from the meeting were commissioners David Rhea and Wayne Copeland.
Jennings was in attendance during the full Warren County Commission meeting. After reading his resignation letter, he personally offered his thanks to commission members for the opportunity to serve as director.
“I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you, Mr. Chairman, and ladies and gentlemen of the court for the opportunity,” he said. “Like I said, I will be serving as a paramedic on an ambulance like I did for many, many years.”
Prior to being named director in 2007, Jennings was a 14-year veteran with Warren County EMS. He began in 1993 as a dispatcher. At that time he was an EMT, but eventually took further training and became a paramedic. He was appointed as interim director in September 2006 after the retirement of former director Leonard Madewell.
An interim director will be appointed until a new director can be found.