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VFW releases statement on stabbing incident
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Charges are still pending after a local businessman was stabbed and critically wounded outside the VFW on Sunday afternoon.The victim, Larry Michael Hale, 52, underwent surgery at Erlanger Medical Center in Chattanooga the first of the week to repair damage caused by what is believed to be at least two stab wounds to his chest and midsection. He was airlifted for treatment shortly following the stabbing which happened in broad daylight outside the VFW on Sparta Highway at 5:15 p.m.“When our officers arrived, they found Mr. Hale bleeding, sitting in a chair inside the V,” said Sheriff Jackie Matheny of the stabbing. “He said he’d been stabbed in the stomach and chest.”A preliminary investigation has revealed the incident happened in the parking lot of the VFW and likely stemmed from issues between Hale and his alleged attacker.