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Two sentenced for crime spree
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A crime spree cost one local man nearly five months in jail, while his partner in crime will be entering drug court.
Serving time is Michael Alexander Stock, 21. He was ordered by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to serve 144 days of a two-year sentence on charges of burglary of an auto, theft and vandalism.
Meanwhile, Brandon R. Comfort will be allowed to enter the drug court program for his part in the crime spree. He is to go to rehab and report back March 6 for sentencing on the same charges as Stock.
The men were involved in the break-ins of eight vehicles, including those of Stock’s neighbors on Grandview Drive in the Mt. Leo-Kingwood area. The burglary spree also extended to nearby Orchard Drive.
The biggest hit came outside an Orchard Drive residence where they broke into a girl’s car and stole her college textbooks along with an iPod. The total amount of the theft is $1,285.
Elsewhere on Orchard Drive, the men broke into another car and took keys and a phone charger while they busted into another nearby vehicle and were only able to get some change. A couple victims reported the burglars flattened their tires.
On nearby Grandview Drive, where Stock lives, one victim, who lived next door to Stock, reported losing shoes, CDs and a lunch box, while another reported a GPS was stolen. Still another victim on Grandview reported losing his debit card and some checks.
During questioning, Stock admitted to the break-ins.
“Michael Stock admitted to the burglaries and stated Brandon Comfort was involved,” wrote sheriff’s investigator Travis Thaxton in his warrants against the suspect.