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Two more inmates try to escape
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Two would-be escapees who were foiled in their plot to break out of Warren County Jail have been hit with felony charges.
The inmates, Joshua Edward Neal, 25, and Thomas Dwayne Gay, 27, have both been charged with felony attempted escape and will face preliminary hearing later this month.
Their charges come after guards at the jail heard an unusual noise coming from the cell block.
“The officers heard a racket coming from the cell,” said Sheriff Jackie Matheny, referring to the first-floor cell where Neal and Gay were being housed. “An officer then went outside and looked up and was able to see Mr. Neal’s face in the window.”
Matheny explained the men would have had to get through bars even after being able to get through the window of their cell. The escape was foiled after the men had worked their way around the window’s seal.
After seeing the activity in the window, officer went to the cell and conducted a surprise inspection. Inside they found the window’s seal hidden under a bunk and an 18-inch piece of metal they had allegedly used to work through the window. The metal was hidden behind the toilet and Matheny said he is still looking into how they got the metal in their cell.
The inmates both have prior records, Neal having priors of theft, evading arrest and promotion of meth, and Gay with theft, drugs, domestic assault and vandalism.
The attempt is the second in around a month as another inmate tried to free himself by climbing from a medical cell into the roof area of the jail but was caught. Two inmates successfully escaped the jail in October by breaking through a wall using a metal pipe. Both escapees have since been recaptured and are awaiting trial.
Just as in the successful escape, Matheny said other inmates made noise to try to cover the sound of the escape attempt. However, in the recent case the sound of the escape was louder than the distraction.