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Two face jail time for issues with urine tests
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Two people face jail time after their plans to cheat during a drug test went wrong.Nathan Bradley McMinn, 29, was ordered this past week to serve 30 days of an 11-month, 29-day sentence, undergo an alcohol and drug assessment and pay $342 for falsifying a drug test. He entered the plea before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke for an incident in which he tried to fool his probation officer by bringing someone else’s urine to a court-ordered drug test.According to Warren County deputy Tony Taylor, he was asked to supervise McMinn as he provided the sample to be tested. However, the officer noticed something added to the suspect’s private area as he was providing the fluid.“He had a syringe taped to his (private part) containing a liquid,” Taylor said in his warrant noting McMinn had smuggled the syringe inside his pants and was trying to use someone else’s urine to pass the test.