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Two airlifted
Motorcycle hit from behind by car
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A rear-end collision resulted in two motorcyclists being airlifted from Viola on Friday afternoon.
The incident occurred at the intersection of Viola Road and Five-Mile Road, also known as Viola-Morrison Road.
Airlifted to Erlanger were Manchester residents Keith Roberts and Darcy Craig.
According to reports, Roberts and Craig were traveling on Viola Road toward McMinnville when Roberts, the driver, attempted to make a left turn onto Five-Mile Road. The motorcycle was struck from behind by a Nissan Sentra driven by Amanda Sheppard.
“I didn’t see them stop,” said Sheppard. “God, I hope they are OK. Please, let them be OK. This just can’t be happening. I’m so sorry.”
Sheppard says she was distracted by her young son in the back seat.
“My son was screaming. I looked into the rear-view mirror to see what was wrong with him. It was just a quick look.”
None of the car’s three occupants were injured, including Sheppard’s daughter. The three were returning to Warren County after a trip to Florida.
The impact from the Nissan knocked the motorcycle forward, off the roadway and down an embankment.
According to one female eyewitness, the two motorcyclists were thrown into the air.
“I just saw them fly through the air,” she said. “It was like watching something happen in slow motion. I was just shocked. I pulled over and went to see if I could help. The driver of the car has been hysterical this whole time.”
Highway Patrol officer Josh Sparkman says the motorcycle riders are expected to recover.
“I’ve checked on them and they should be OK,” said Sparkman.
Sheppard was not cited.