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TV stars visit McMinnville
Family discusses fame, favorite episodes
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It was a night of laughter and tears as “Duck Dynasty” stars Korie, Sadie and John Luke Robertson asked the crowd to “Put God first and give God the glory.” The Robertsons were the guest speakers for Boyd’s Spring Banquet held Saturday night at McMinnville Civic Center.
Korie is the wife of Duck Commander CEO Willie Robertson. She works as office manager of the family business. Sixteen-year-old Sadie and 15-year-old John Luke are two of their five children.
Boyd principal Tabetha Sullens conducted a casual interview on stage at the Civic Center. The stage was decorated with a sofa, easy chair, coffee table, and decor reminiscent of Southern Living.
Korie said she knows the importance of a Christian school.
Sullens asked questions posed by students at Boyd including, “Who is most different from the way they are on the show?”
Sadie said, “I think my dad is different. My dad is funnier than he is on the show.”
John Luke said, “I think it is my great-uncle Si. On the show they have to contain him. He is crazier in real life.”
Sullens asked if Si was ever without his glass of tea.
Korie said, “No. He has had that since I have known him. He has to go to the bathroom a lot.”
Sullens asked the three what they were most proud of.
Korie said, “My children. I was proud of them before but seeing them go through the change of ‘Duck Dynasty,’ I am even more proud. They have shown their light and example for other children their age. Rebecca (the couple’s oldest) has started a new business. They are all using the platform of Duck Dynasty to show their light and give God the glory.”
When asked what they would like to be remembered for, John Luke’s answer brought applause from the crowd when he said, “As someone who always put God first, a good brother and someone who always made our family proud and followed the Bible to the best of my ability.”
Sadie said, “Everybody always says, ‘I hope Sadie Robertson doesn’t turn out like Miley Cyrus.’ Well, thank you for that. I hope to be known as the girl who didn’t change at all. The one who gives glory to God and the one who puts God first.”
Korie shed tears as she answered, “What is in my bank account doesn’t matter. I want to be remembered as a good wife and mother.”
Sullens asked which “Duck Dynasty” episodes are their favorites. Korie’s favorite episodes seem to be fan favorites as well.
“My favorites are the dentist episode and Sadie learning to drive. The show is a good document of home video,” said Korie.
John Luke said he does not remember the dentist episode which was filmed while he was under anesthesia but said it was probably his favorite to watch, also.
Sadie said her favorite show was when her MaMaw Kay and PaPaw Phil renewed their wedding vows.
Korie said she liked that episode also. “It is such a testimony of a life filled with grace and love. To see them pledging their love was a neat thing.”
When asked if anything is different from the show, John Luke wanted the audience to know, “I think I am smarter than the show shows.”
When asked if they could change something about the show, John Luke said, “I would be smarter,” to the laughter of the crowd.
Korie said the placement of the family around the dinner table is not always accurate. She said she normally seats her immediate family together but sometimes producers position the adults to make the show flow better.
Both teens said they look up to family members when asked who they look up to.
“I look up to my dad and Phil. I hope to be like them when I grow up,” said John Luke.
Sadie said, “I look up to my mom and both grandmothers. My grandma on mom’s side is amazing. I have lots of women in my family to look up to.”
Korie said she learned patience from the show.
“When we first started, it took forever. They would have to set up lighting. Now, we have thick box lights in the ceiling of my kitchen. They are not pretty but it makes it much easier and simpler to film,” she said.
The family said they do watch themselves on TV.
Korie said, “Everybody watches the season opener. That is the only show Si watches, the first one. He doesn’t watch any more. He tells us what is going to happen. He is hilarious. We should record him watching the show sometime.”
All three said Miss Kay is indeed a fantastic cook with chicken and dumplings and crawfish pie being their favorite foods Miss Kay makes.
“I have not had one thing at her house that was not incredible,” said Korie.
Korie talked about adoption. She said one of her teachers adopted a child when she was in high school which made an impression on her life.
“My teacher impressed on my heart that true religion is taking care of widows and orphans. My senior year I decided I wanted to adopt some day and Willie agreed,” said Korie.
The couple adopted the child they call Lil Will when he was 5 weeks old. “He was my easiest pregnancy,” said Korie.
Sullens asked how the family felt when the media scrutinized patriarch Phil for his statements against homosexuality, which resulted in his suspension from the show for a short time.
“He had an incredible outpouring of support. I never got that worried about it. I knew God had it and that God was in control. Willie didn’t even get out of the deer stand,” Korie said, “We hope entertainment will change and people will want to see shows they don’t have to be embarrassed to watch. Shows the whole family can sit down and watch. Because of people like you, more wholesome shows are being made. That’s the kind of thing that will turn our country around.”
Before ending the interview Korie said three points she would like to make were:
• Don’t take yourself too seriously.
• Love and forgive each other freely.
• Sit down and thank God for the things you have.
The busy family has many irons in the fire including being featured in the movie “God's Not Dead,” a new Christian film about faith and the limits one young man will go to in order to defend his belief in God. Lil Will joins forces with MattyBRaps on YouTube with their clean version of the song “Timber.” Also, both Sadie and John Luke will have books out by the end of summer 2014.