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Trespasser fights with policewoman
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A man faces an assault charge after he fought with a policewoman in an abandoned house where he was trespassing.
The man, Gregory Thomas Bell, 27, allegedly tried to get his friend to help him jump McMinnville policewoman Lisa Norris inside the empty house where the men were caught trespassing.
The incident began when police were called to Peers Street where someone had seen people inside a vacant house. When Norris arrived, she found the front door locked but saw two males inside. She ordered the door to be opened. Once it was, Bell reportedly began arguing with the officer and refused to identify himself.
“At that point I took him by the wrist to put his hands on the wall,” Norris recalled. “He was pulling away and pushing me, trying to move toward the back door.”
Norris said during the struggle Bell was trying to get his friend, Travis Myers, to help jump the officer and to help him fight her. His friend refused.
“He (Bell) fought me all the way to the door and off the back deck, at which point he managed to get out of my grip,” Norris revealed, noting she then grabbed his backpack. “He slipped out of it (the backpack) and ran from the scene.”
Bell was identified and later arrested. Police have not revealed what the men were doing in the vacant house.