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Trail of blood leads to arrest
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A bloody crime scene has linked a man to the burglary of his own uncle’s home.The suspect, James Donald Wray, 44, has been bound to the grand jury on charges of aggravated burglary and theft.His charges come after deputies came to his home to investigate the call of an injured person at the scene. When they arrived they found an injured Wray.“I saw a cut on James Wray’s left wrist,” recalled deputy Dennis Duncan.It was at that point the man’s girlfriend spoke up and told lawmen how the cut happened.“His girlfriend said he had burglarized the trailer of his uncle Robin Wray and that’s where he got the cut on his wrist,” said Duncan, noting he then went to the scene of the crime located several miles away to check for clues. “I saw a broken sliding glass door with blood drippings around the area and an open front door with blood drippings.”It was learned Wray allegedly took a chainsaw, hedge trimmer, speakers and car radio during the break-in of his uncle’s home.