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Tornadoes avoid county in 2012
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While the nation as a whole saw an overall quiet year for tornadoes in 2012, the Volunteer State did not go along with the plan.
According to Bobby Boyd of the National Weather Service Nashville Bureau, there were 34 tornadoes in Tennessee in 2012. There were 936 tornadoes across the United States, which is below the national average.
The state number is significantly higher than the 21 tornadoes Tennessee sees on average, meaning the state had 13 more tornadoes than it would during an average year. Boyd said the average is based on the years 1981 to 2010.
The average does not include 2011, which set records around the country. In Tennessee alone, there were 113 tornadoes which killed 34 in 2011. That’s compared to three people who died as a result of tornadoes in 2012.
Warren County had no confirmed tornado touchdowns in 2012, although there was at least one report of a rotating funnel cloud.
With the fewer tornadoes there have also been fewer fatalities. This week actually marked a new all-time record for the longest stretch without a tornado-related fatality in the United States as the last tornado death occurred June 24. The deadliest outbreak in 2012 happened in March when 11 people were killed in a series of tornadoes that cut a path through southern Indiana.