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Tittsworth retires after 37 years with city
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Local resident Danny Tittsworth has spent almost his entire working career as an employee of the city of McMinnville. Tittsworth has announced his retirement after 37 years with the Public Works Department, which held a lunch and an afternoon reception in his honor Monday.
Tittsworth spent over five years with the Warren County Highway Department before moving to McMinnville Public Works in 1974.
Though he has served as maintenance supervisor for the 32 of his 37 years, Tittsworth says he has done pretty much every job in the department, depending on whatever skills his supervisors needed at the moment.
“Whatever they say do, I’ve done it,” Tittsworth said. “A little bit of everything in that length of time. I mean, you’ve got to do what your superiors say if you want to stay. That’s the biggest thing you’ve got to look at I guess.”
Tittsworth said one of his reasons for staying with the city so long has been job security.
“The city isn’t going to close down and go to Mexico,” Tittsworth said. “I might have had a bigger salary in a factory job, but I’ve made it.”
Tittsworth says the pension from the city’s consolidated retirement plan, plus his Social Security, will allow him to spend his retirement years running his 35 acre farm in Fairview.
“I have raised cows and hogs both,” Tittsworth said. “Right now all I’ve got is three or four donkeys and a horse, but I know how to get back in it.”
Tittsworth and his co-workers said their good-byes at the reception, looking over scrapbooks the department has kept over the years. Public Works director Bill Brock and assistant director Brad Hennessee presented Tittsworth a certificate honoring his many years on the job.
“I’ve seen a lot of people come and go,” Tittsworth said. “I’ve enjoyed working with them.”
Over the years Tittsworth has worked for Marvin McGee, Bill Brock and Brad Hennessee. Brock said Tittsworth has been a valuable employee.
“He’s been with me for about 23 years,” Brock said. “That’s how long I’ve been here. He has been a great asset to the city.
“He knows where everything is,” Brock added with a grin.
Hennessee says he’s been amazed at Tittsworth’s longevity.
“He’s been at this line of work as long as I’ve been alive,” Hennessee said. “I’ve always admired his ability to know what needs to be done, and he’s as good an equipment operator as we’ve ever had.”
Brock seconded that opinion.
“If I was buried up to my neck somewhere I’d want him to dig me out,” Brock quipped.
Tittsworth and wife Shirley have three daughters, Cytha Brown, Challis Higgins and Cressia Tittsworth.