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Tighter security
New systems in place at area schools
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Visitors to area schools need to be prepared for a slight delay entering the buildings as many security systems have been installed and others are due to be finished soon.Susan Gawel, attendance/ records clerk at Bobby Ray Elementary, said cameras and a monitor have been installed at Bobby Ray and wiring is being completed on the magnetic door lock at the school’s main entrance.Gawel said a letter will be issued to parents informing them of impending changes before the security system will be fully in use. Once in use, visitors must push a button located on a brick column near the office door and be buzzed in by office staff.Gawel said the school has been tighter on security this school year and has been issuing badges to visitors since the first day of school.“The system scans driver’s licenses and searches for sexual predators. Also, if a parent isn’t supposed to be here because of custody issues, an alert will be sent to the SRO and others,” said Gawel.Visitors must also leave car keys after signing in.