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Three caught trying to burglarize house
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Three would-be burglars have been charged with trying to break into a house on Peers Street.The suspects, Rebecca D. King, Jeremiah King, and Joshua Dishman, have all been charged with attempted aggravated burglary. The group was charged after the resident of the house returned home to find two men in back of his house.“There are two back entrances and one was at each,” said McMinnville police investigator Tony Jenkins. “One was attempting to get open the door.”The men reportedly saw the resident coming and took cover.“When the two became aware of the resident’s presence they pulled bandanas over their faces and fled,” Jenkins said in his warrant against the threePolice were able to capture the pair before they got away and it was then they realized Ms. King was involved as driver of the get-away car.“Ms. King had dropped off the two,” Jenkins said.