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Three arrests made in VFW stabbing
Mike Hale, 52, is the owner of H&H Plumbing. He remains hospitalized following the Sunday night attack.

A local businessman has been charged with attempted homicide after he allegedly stabbed a man in the VFW parking lot Sunday afternoon following a dispute over a woman – that woman being the estranged wife of the victim who has also been charged with the murderous plot.
The suspects, Jack Redmon, 44, owner of Redmon’s Mobile Automotive next to Hardee’s, and Brooke L. Hale, 33, estranged wife of the victim, are both charged with attempted criminal homicide along with a third suspect, Tracey Bouldin, who was being arrested at his Cookeville home at press time. Redmon is being held under $1 million bond and Hale under $500,000 bond after their booking Thursday afternoon.
All three are charged with plotting to kill Mike Hale, 52, owner of H&H Hale’s Plumbing. He remains under treatment after suffering stab wounds to the chest and midsection during the daylight attack in the VFW parking lot on Sparta Highway.
According to preliminary reports, Hale was in the parking lot of the VFW around 5:30 p.m. Sunday when Redmon rode in on his motorcycle with Hale’s estranged wife as his passenger, followed by Bouldin, who was also on a motorcycle. Investigators believe Redmon charged Hale and knifed him twice as the victim tried to fend off the attack.
Hale was able to make it inside the VFW, clutching his injuries, allegedly followed by Redmon. The attacker was reportedly barred from entering the VFW, according to an official press release issued by the business, and lawmen were summoned to the scene. The attackers reportedly fled on their motorcycles but were stopped and questioned a short time later by officers.
“We wanted to make sure we had everything in line since we couldn’t immediately talk to the victim,” said Sheriff Jackie Matheny of the four days between the attack and charging the suspects. “We worked closely with the district attorney’s office to make sure we have a strong case.”
While no official statement has been given by Redmon, the suspect sounded off on his Facebook page Sunday morning, hours before the incident, claiming Hale had threatened his life on a prior occasion and that he has a recorded phone call to back up his claim.
“I did not threaten his life in any way but he has mine and it’s all been recorded by a cellphone and documented by the sheriff’s department,” Redmon claimed Sunday on his Facebook page before taking the comment down later. Screen captures of the post have been obtained and archived by the Southern Standard.
Sheriff Jackie Matheny said he knows of no report his department has taken concerning the alleged threatening tapes.
The suspects face eight to 25 years if they are convicted on the attempted murder charge.