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Thieves caught trying to steal $1,000 worth of merchandise
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Two Sparta women face felony theft charges after they were caught trying to shoplift over $1,000 worth of merchandise from Walmart.The suspects, Deanna M. Gribble and Latasha L. Cullom, will face preliminary hearing on grand theft charges before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke on Feb. 2.The women reportedly worked as a team, according to Walmart security, systematically concealing items as they moved about the store.“They walked around the store and stayed together, one observing while the other selected items,” the warrant against the pair reads. “They would then trade out positions.”The women, not knowing they were being watched by Walmart security, went from women’s wear to bedding and toys where they allegedly packed items into their purses. They proceeded to go from there to luggage, houseware, and hardware and packed more items into their purses.