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Test comes back positive: couple in trouble
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A couple faces a shoplifting charge after getting caught trying to steal a pregnancy test.The couple, Kyle D. Sutton and Brittany T. Sutton, are charged with shoplifting after Walmart security caught them “receipt shopping” at the local store. The act of receipt shopping, which is covered under the shoplifting law, is the act of finding receipts for certain items that you did not buy and then going into the store, finding those items, and then taking them to customer service for a refund.In the case of the Suttons, they were identified as receipt shoppers for their multiple appearances at the store within a couple-day period.“They came into the store with nothing in hand,” revealed Walmart security specialist Greg Pescevic, noting he pulled surveillance film on the suspects, tracing their movements in the store after they entered through separate doors.The two hit Walmart twice on Jan. 25, returning items for $63. They then came back to the store the next day and began a repeat of their receipt shopping, this time returning three items.