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Teen driver indicted for deadly wreck
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A teen driver has been indicted for the crash in May off Vervilla Road that killed one passenger and left four others, including himself, critically injured.
The driver, Ramiro “ReRe” Ibarra, 19, has been hit with a 16-count indictment by the Warren County grand jury. The indictments include two counts of vehicular assault for the death of passenger Ashlyn Barnes, 17. One count was vehicular homicide by recklessness due to his alleged disregard for the safety of his passengers, while the other is for vehicular homicide by intoxication as lawmen suspect Ibarra was under the influence of an intoxicant. He also faces charges for possessing marijuana.
His other counts include vehicular assault and reckless endangerment filed on behalf of his other passengers, Geoffrey Washom, 20, Amber Bates, 17, and Holden Nunley, 19. They were all seriously injured in the crash.
The crash happened in a field about a half-mile west of Warren County High School on Vervilla Road. Evidence at the scene revealed Ibarra’s 1988 Chevy Blazer plowed through a barbed-wire fence and entered a field. Questions still linger about why Ibarra left the road and what happened in the 1,092 feet he traveled in the field leading up to hitting the tree.
There are several possibilities law enforcement officials continue to investigate.
First is that Ibarra ran off the road traveling at a high rate of speed and was unable to gather the vehicle as it raced nearly a quarter-mile through the field until its impact with a tree at the edge of a creek. Barnes was a passenger in the front seat where the main impact from the collision was sustained.
Investigators doubt this scenario for a couple of reasons, one of which is there were no signs of braking during the entire course of the vehicle’s travel through the field. Second is that the Blazer passed through a small gate once inside the field. Considering the narrow opening of the gate and the darkness of the field, it is believed Ibarra must have slowed down to pass through the gate. That theory would lend itself to claims Ibarra may have been off-road joyriding.
A rumor that Ibarra crashed into the tree intentionally is being downplayed by investigators.
As for the prosecution of Ibarra, neither theory would need to be proved if lawmen can show he was either under the influence or that he was driving recklessly when his vehicle slammed into the tree. The teen is being held under $250,000 bond at Warren County Jail and could face up to 12 years in prison on the top charge of vehicular homicide alone.