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Teen, 18, continues to run from police
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A fleet-footed teen is facing charges of evading arrest for the second time in three weeks, this time for running away from a stolen vehicle.
The teen, Cody A. Anderson, 18, had just been handed an 11-day sentence for running from the law when he was caught again.
According to McMinnville Police Sgt. Ben Cantrell, Anderson was pursued after he bolted as officers were wanting to question him about a stolen car he was seen driving.
“I saw a maroon Chevy Lumina drive into the parking lot of Northside Food Store,” Cantrell said, noting the vehicle had been reported stolen earlier in the day. “I saw the driver exit the vehicle and enter the store. He was wearing all red clothing.”
The significance of the red clothing is that witnesses who saw the car stolen said the thief was dressed in all red while the passenger was described as being taller and wearing a black hat. Cantrell noticed the passenger, who remained in the stolen car while Anderson was inside the store, was wearing a black hat. The passenger was Mark Allen Jones, 19. Cantrell recognized him from past dealings.
“Mr. Jones exited the vehicle and evaded on foot and refused my orders to stop,” Cantrell said.
Not to be outdone, Anderson also ran away when he came out of the store and saw the policeman. Both men were later captured.
Anderson was on probation for his short run from the law earlier this year in an incident that left McMinnville Police Lt. Mark Mara with a foot injury. On that occasion, police were about to arrest him for possession of drugs after a traffic stop when he ran and tried to get away. Mara dove to stop him.
The incident brought Anderson an 11-day jail sentence. He was also ordered to undergo a drug and alcohol assessment. He still owes the state most of the six months he was to serve on probation, time he may now be required to serve behind bars in addition to what he could receive on his new counts of theft and evading arrest.