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Survey to help guide parks and rec master plan
Parks and Rec

An online survey is asking for input about amenities offered by McMinnville Parks and Recreation Department. That information will be used to help generate a Master Plan for future growth. 

“We’d like everyone to take the survey and share it with as many people as you can,” said Kevin Guenther, a planner with RaganSmith during a Thursday night meeting at Milner Recreation Center to get public feedback. 

“We’re seeking input on what you have and what you like, including this wonderful facility that we are in,” Guenther continued. “Also, what would you like to see in the future? This isn’t just about today. It’s about the future. So, what would you like to see in the future of McMinnville?”

RaganSmith was hired by the city of McMinnville to construct a five-year Parks and Recreation master plan. 

“Tonight is really more about hearing what you have to say more than telling you a bunch of ideas and conclusions,” said Guenther. “The first step of the process is hearing from all of you, checking in with stakeholders and doing an inventory and analysis. This is going to be a process that ends sometime in August or so.”

Among the survey questions:

• What are your general impressions of McMinnville’s current parks and recreation facilities? 

• How important are parks and recreation to your quality of life?

• How often do you use parks and recreation facilities as part of your self-care routine or to positively influence your mental or physical health? 

• When you visit a park or recreation facility with whom do you usually go?

• Which type of parks and recreational experiences do you most often participate? 

• If you could spend more money and increase investment in facilities or programs, where would you invest? 

• Which of the city’s parks and recreation facilities do you visit most? Why?

• Which of the city’s parks or recreation facilities do you visit the least? Why?

Age range, gender, and years as a city of McMinnville/ Warren County resident are also asked. 

Along with learning the process RaganSmith will use to create McMinnville Parks and Recreation’s master plan, guests to the presentation were allowed to provide input on which existing recreational amenity they utilized most and where they’d like to see future improvements made. 

RaganSmith plans to hold a second community engagement event, prior to completion of the five-year plan, once additional information is gathered and a master plan is closer to fruition. 

A link to the survey is located on McMinnville Parks and Recreation’s Facebook page.

To take the survey, click on this link