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Super Gas raided for selling drugs
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A local business was raided Friday night after lawmen say they were caught selling synthetic drugs which were outlawed by a new law earlier this year.
According to McMinnville Police Chief Bryan Denton, Super Gas was the only business to sell to an undercover agent sent around town to attempt to purchase the recently outlawed drugs.
“These were synthetic drugs that were outlawed for sale over the counter in July,” Denton said. “These were outlawed along with certain bath salts and plant foods which were being misused.”
Denton noted several businesses were checked by the undercover agent but only Super Gas sold on a couple of occasions. The sale prompted a raid Friday night during which numerous pieces of the product, along with money allegedly gained by selling the illegal drugs, were taken.
“The labels say not for human consumption but they were being misused,” Denton said. “They have been illegal since the law went in effect in July. There have been other similar operations in other cities across the state.”
There have been no charges leveled in the case as investigators consider what their next move will be in prosecuting the case. The operation was a joint probe by city and county officers, as well as the district attorney’s office, and involved checks at numerous businesses throughout Warren County.
It is not known if action will include citations or criminal charges, or if prosecutors will go after the business as well as the clerk.