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Stop the press
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It ’tis the season to stop the press, the Southern Standard press that is.In an effort to give newspaper employees some time off during the holidays, newspaper management has decided not to publish editions this Friday, Dec. 27, and next Friday, Jan. 3, in recognition of Christmas and New Year’s Day.“It’s common for factories to shut down at the end of the year and most school system employees get two weeks off for Christmas break,” said Standard editor James Clark. “Newspaper employees have always worked through the holidays as time off in the news business is rare. This is a chance to give employees an extra day off after Christmas and a day off after New Year’s that they’ve never enjoyed before.”Newspaper subscribers will have two editions added to their time so they are not shorted two newspapers.Clark noted the holidays are typically a slow time for news as city and county governments don’t hold meetings and schools are closed.“Even though we won’t publish an edition on those two Fridays, some members of our newsroom will be on call and we will post any breaking news story that may take place on our website as soon as possible,” said Clark.