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Psychics give insight into practice at spiritual conference
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JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (AP) — People from different walks of life flocked to Johnson City looking for spiritual healing and an opportunity to take another step toward enlightenment.

April 27 was the first day of the three-day 2018 Southern Conference, held by Coptic Fellowship International and the Tri-Cities Metaphysical Study Group. Over the years, the event, first held in 1990, has been bringing together psychics, clairvoyants and spiritual "healers," who all aim to help attendees on their path to spiritual alignment.

Some of the most sought-after services provided at the event included sessions with Tucson, Arizona-based psychic Lowell K. Smith, who was booked throughout the day.

Smith said he has the ability to access the 'Akashic Records,' which he described as "a record in space and time of all existence throughout eternity."

While Smith has an extensive background in electrical engineering, telecommunications and computer science, he said he's always felt called to use his "psychic sensitivity" to help others. Over the course of his career, he's provided over 3,600 readings.

"Everyone is born psychic, but most people turn it off around age six or seven," he said.

Smith said his abilities have often caused him hardship in the past, according to the account in his book, "Growing Up Psychic: What Every Parent and Child Should Know About Psychic Sensitivity."

After being discouraged from channeling his psychic abilities as a child, he said he had to work to pick it back up years later.

"I was born psychic sensitive. When I was six or seven, I lived with my grandfather, who was a fire and brimstone baptist. He believed that I was possessed by the devil because I saw his dead mother, his dead grandmother and other relatives," he said.

"One day, a man walked into his barber shop, and it was the first time I noticed someone who didn't have any lights around him. I've always seen auras around people and wondered what was wrong.

"The next day, we found out the man died. My grandfather, being the man he was, beat me unconscious. He believed I killed the man."

Michael Owen, a clairvoyant of 12 years who arrived to provide intuitive counseling and aura healing, had just finished meditating to prepare for his next intuitive counseling and healing session. Owen claimed he has previously assisted police departments with his psychic abilities, which he currently uses to heal the mind, body and spirit of those who participate in his sessions.

"When the client sits down, I ask for their name, their birthday, their city of birth and permission to view their energy to help them on their highest spiritual path," he said. "After that, I just tell them what I see for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then I allow any questions they have about their past, present and future.

"After the first half-hour, I take them to the table and scan their energy. I do hands-on healing to update the organs and remove any blockages using different technologies to remove radiation from the body, which causes different symptoms like inflammation and things like that."

He said he uses tools that pull radioactive and electromagnetic particles from the body, and "tuning forks" that help "clear spiritual energy."

"Some people are just spiritual people that are drawn to it, and they just know deep down. Other people, it's like a last resort," he said.

His next patient was Linda Coleman, a computer consultant who came from Richmond. Owen said many like Coleman seek out his services to "hit the reset button."

"What I'm looking for is a direction in my next step to get closer to being able to connect with my spirit," Coleman said.


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