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Nashville Zoo looking for name for new white-cheeked gibbon
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — The Nashville Zoo is asking for help in naming its 1-month-old white-cheeked gibbon.

A $1 donation through July 31 gives visitors a chance to vote. The money goes to Fauna and Flora International, an organization that works to protect gibbon habitats in China and Vietnam.

The three names being considered for the male are Mingli (min-GLEE'), which is Chinese for "bright propriety"; Makaio (ma-KI'-o), Laotian for "gift of God"; and Makoto (ma-KO'-toe), Laotian for "honesty."

The baby is the first white-cheeked gibbon to be born at the zoo since it added the species in 2003. The baby's mother is Singwah.

The zoo says white-cheeked gibbons are not monkeys but are considered lesser apes due in part to their lack of a tail and ability to walk bipedally on their back legs.