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4 horses in middle Tennessee sickened with infectious anemia
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — The state veterinarian says four horses have been sickened with anemia in middle Tennessee.

Tennessee's health department said Wednesday that the horses from a farm in Rutherford County tested positive at a laboratory for equine infectious anemia.

A news release from the health department says the disease is not contagious to humans. It is a blood-borne illness that can be fatal for horses. Symptoms may include fever, weakness, swelling, appetite loss or colic.

The sick horses were euthanized. Officials said six other horses at the same farm tested negative, but they will remain in quarantine for a second test.

Officials advise horse owners to keep their animals from co-mingling with other horses. Needles that touch horse blood should not be shared and barns should be kept clean.