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Stanton indicted on animal neglect charges
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A local businessman has been indicted on animal neglect charges after lawmen reported finding malnourished horses on at his ranch for the second time in two years.The rancher, Sidney Stanton, was indicted for the raid on his ranch conducted July 1 by local authorities and animal rights advocates.His indictment comes after lawmen raided his Sparta Highway ranch in July, seizing 21 horses they felt were malnourished. They chose to file charges against him for seven of the horses. Officers said they watched from the nearby highway and did not see feed being put out regularly for the horses.The defense for Stanton suggests there could have been food in places not visible from the road.While doing most surveillance from the road, an investigator admitted going onto the Stanton property the day before the raid, without a warrant, along with a veterinarian to check out the condition of the horses.With his indictment, Stanton now faces two separate animal cruelty cases.