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Snowy spin-out
Crash occurs during blustery conditions
Chris Ashby clears snow from a sidewalk Tuesday at Plaza Shopping Center.
Slushy roads and snowy conditions were noted on the accident report after two vehicles crashed Monday night in front of Jewel's Market on Smithville Highway.Neither driver was hurt in the wreck that involved Lonnie Taylor, 40, and Wallace Rhea, 51, and left a pickup resting atop a car in a ditch.The accident happened at 7:50 p.m. Monday night as both vehicles were on Smithville Highway traveling toward McMinnville.Rhea's pickup was traveling in the turning lane, while Taylor's gold Toyota was in the normal lane of travel. Rhea tried to make a right turn into the parking lot of Jewel's Market from the turning lane and that's when he pulled into the path of Taylor. The point of impact was near the right rear tire of the pickup, which caused it to lose control and spin on top of the car.The accident was one of the few around the community as road conditions were not largely impacted by the 1 inch of snow that was recorded in downtown McMinnville.Jace Oliver took advantage of the day off from school to make a snowball on his way down Main Street.