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Smith suggests adding position
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McMinnville officials may consider establishing a succession plan for the city’s Finance Department, meaning a new position of assistant director would be created.
The recommendation came from Alderman Ken Smith, who says every department in the city either has a succession plan — a qualified employee ready to step up into a management position if the spot is suddenly vacated — or is in the process of establishing one.
“The administrative department does not,” said Smith. “If we have assistants for all other departments. We need to have, I feel like, an assistant city recorder/ finance director.”
Shirley Durham is the city’s current finance director and its city recorder/ treasurer. She is the director over administration with a staff of 12 employees that oversees the city’s $17 million budget.
Smith presented members of the Finance Committee with an article titled “Succession Planning: Is Your City Ready?” written by David Rutherford and published in “The Municipal” in regard to the importance of municipalities establishing succession plans.
Smith also presented a proposed job description for the assistant that he said he wrote after looking at job descriptions from other cities and the job description for Durham and combined those. The description included a job definition, essential functions of the job, required knowledge and abilities, minimum training and experience, etc.
Minimum training and experience:
• Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university with a major in accounting, business administration, finance, or economics.
• Five years of progressively responsible experience in finance or accounting, preferably with a governmental background.
• Applicant will have completed CMFO certification and the Municipal Clerk & Recorder Certification, or agree to successfully complete these certifications within two years.
• Must be examined by a city designated physician to make a determination if applicant will be able to perform all essential duties required of this position.
If a succession plan is established in the Finance Department, officials will have to set a job description before taking applications. As current director of the department, Durham would be tasked with selecting the individual who would be her assistant.
The measure was presented as information only at this time.