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Sidewalk may be extended to hospital
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A sidewalk grant could be in the works for pedestrians using Sparta Street to get to River Park Hospital. It could be late February before McMinnville officials learn if the funds will be awarded from the state.The city has applied for a Tennessee Department of Transportation Multimodal Access Grant. The city passed the first hurdle Dec. 20 when the grant was selected to be under consideration for funding.“On Dec. 20, each Rural Planning Organization and Metropolitan Planning Organization selected the top two applications from their entity and submitted these to TDOT for consideration of funding,” said TDOT spokesperson Jennifer Flynn.The Center Hill RPO selected the grant application for sidewalk expansion from McMinnville in Warren County and a grant application from Sparta in White County to be its two grants considered by TDOT.Flynn says TDOT has 37 grant applications to consider and the process could take a couple of months.“The two projects submitted by the Center Hill RPO will be scored against the other 35 applications we received from RPOs and MPOs across the state,” she said.