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Shade on way to Farmers Market
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McMinnville officials are allowing the addition of shades on the ends of the Farmers Market pavilion to protect vendors from the sun.
“Each vendor at the ends of the building during the summer are being hit pretty heavy with sunlight,” said J.B. Brown on Tuesday night to members of the city’s Building and Grounds Committee. “We’ve had chocolate to melt on one end and people burning up on the other.”
The ends of the pavilion used to be covered with sunscreens that were not well designed and the decision was made by Farmers Market organizers to remove them approximately three years ago. Vendors on the ends have been feeling the effects of that decision ever since, says Brown.
“If we could lower the two ends of the building by about eight foot above the asphalt with the exact same material that’s on the building now, that would relieve the problem,” he said. “What we are asking the city for is permission to do the modification to the building. We are asking the city to consider furnishing the labor if we furnish the material.”
The measure was brought before the city because the city owns the pavilion. However, there is a long-standing rental agreement between the city and Farmers Market organizers.
The city’s go-to department on such work is its Public Works Department with director Bill Brock.
“Can your department do this type of work?” Alderman Ben Newman asked Brock.
“We can do the work, but time would be a problem,” said Brock. “We are quite busy. It could be, I would say, at least a month before we could get to it.”
The measure will go before the city’s Historic Zoning Commission because the structure is within the historic district. The next meeting of the commission is not until April 14.
Brown OK’d the wait on labor, while Newman and Alderman Jimmy Bonner approved the request pending commission approval. Alderman Ken Smith, who is also on the committee, was absent.